S.2433 Global Poverty Act – Obama Assaults US Economy

Obama doesn’t need any 3AM phone calls to deal with crisis.  Barack (Arabic) Hussein (Arabic) Obama (Luo tribe of Kenya) has already detected a crisis, and he is more than up to the challenge.  The crisis of the moment?  Global Poverty.  Obama’s instinctive lightning reflex reaction is to tax America, based on the needs of the World, as determined by The United Nations. Arab oil shall not be taxed; nor shall the noble Arab oil sheiks. The obscenely over-rich and decadent capitalist economy of the United States is the boundless treasure Obama wants to tap.

From  AIM: 

A nice-sounding bill called the “Global Poverty Act,” sponsored by Democratic presidential candidate and Senator Barack Obama, is up for a Senate vote on Thursday and could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States. The bill, which has the support of many liberal religious groups, makes levels of U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations.

Senator Joe Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has not endorsed either Senator Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. But on Thursday, February 14, he is trying to rush Obama’s “Global Poverty Act” (S.2433) through his committee. The legislation would commit the U.S. to spending 0.7 percent of gross national product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal 13-year total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends.

Last word is, this abomination by Obama is on hold status; placed there by anonymous conservatives; not including globalist Frank Lugar.

Main Stream Media has painstakingly kept this legislative travesty from the light of day.  At the same time, the Journalists bemoan the degradation of the economy of the United States into recession.

Obama’s assault on the economy is perfectly timed to coincide with the American recession.  Congratulations, Obama; Lenin himself could not have planned it better.


4 Responses

  1. […] is very sensitive to Global Poverty; and this is proven amply by Senate Bill S. 2433   which proposes to levy tax in the United States as determined by the United Nations.  This tax […]

  2. Barack (Arabic) Hussein (Arabic) Obama (Luo tribe of Kenya) is not his complete name. He actually has four legal names. Barrack Hussein “Muhammad” Obama.

  3. “Give a poor man a fish and he will eat one day, teach him how to fish and he will eat a life-time”. (chinese? proverb). I do not believe that the UN is the mean to help the situation of the poor. The UN is not the mechanism to develop the poor countries economies.

  4. […] plan to track down all his missing Hussein brethren, and put them on American welfare (Obama’s Senate Bill S. 2433) is shaping up nicely. George Hussein Onyango […]

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