Lincoln Bedroom Loot Continues to Flow for Clinton

Hey, campaigning from the White House is illegal, isn’t it?

Not if your name is Clinton!  Hillary continues to rake in the loot from Clinton scam number Lincoln.

(Of course, if your name is Gore, it’s OK too).

Like Norman Hsu, Clinton’s Lincoln Bedroom guests, 49 of them, have promised to bundle up $100K each. 

Hillary’s  plans for matching funds from Clinton pardons are also progressing well.

$5 Million is just Clinton mine-salting.


Clinton Crime Wave Gathering Strength

Hillary still in bed with ’96 scandal

By Jerry Seper
February 8, 2008

Nearly one in five “HillRaisers,” the elite big-money fundraisers for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, have ties to the 1990s fundraising scandal that tarnished her husband’s presidency by offering Democratic donors sleepovers in the Lincoln Bedroom and other perks inside the White House.

Forty-nine of the Clintons’ Lincoln Bedroom guests are among the 250 HillRaisers listed on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign Web page, who have pledged to gather, or “bundle,” at least $100,000 in donations. Some have promised to raise $1 million or more for the 2008 campaign, the most costly in U.S. history.

Some of the HillRaisers are longtime friends who have given millions to the Clintons over the years, including Washington socialite Beth Dozoretz, who played a key role in the controversial, last-minute 2000 pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich.

A Lincoln Bedroom visitor, Mrs. Dozoretz, raised $2 million for Mr. Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, $1 million for the Clinton presidential library and hosted a “rally-around-the-president party” that raised $1 million for Mr. Clinton’s legal defense in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Mrs. Dozoretz dismissed concerns about the overnight visits — raised by Mrs. Clinton’s Democratic primary rivals, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina — saying the Clintons had simply opened up the White House to friends.

“It is an experience that can be extraordinary, and Bill and Hillary Clinton sought to share it with a great number of people,” she told The Washington Times. “They believed the White House was the people’s house, and they shared it with as many people and in as many ways as possible.

“Having friends stay at the White House was in no way a quid pro quo for those who had contributed. No way,” she said.

So far in the 2008 campaign, Mrs. Dozoretz has given $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), $2,300 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, $12,650 to other Democrats and $4,200 to Mrs. Clinton, according to Federal Election Commission records.


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